Canterbury Duathlon Series

Brookside Park Rolleston


There are two courses to choose from:

Short Course:
2.5km Run/Walk  ::  14km Bike  ::  1.25km Run/Walk

Long Course:
5km Run  ::  28km Bike  ::  2.5km Run

This event caters for everyone; Young, Old, Male, Female, Big, Small, Fast or Slow. We have family sections.

The run/walk is in the enclosed area of Brookside Park, while the bike ride is 14km loop circuit. Short course does one lap and the long course does 2 laps.

No hills and very little traffic make this such an appealing event.

The distances are achievable, the Run/Walk is on a grass surfaces within Brookside Park, which is a nice flat service. The first run/walk is 2 or 4 laps of the 1.25km circuit depending if you're doing the short or long course.

The bike ride is 14 or 28km of flat easy road biking with the last run/walk an easy 1 or 2 laps of the 1.25km depending if you’re doing the short or long course. Run Course as below.

We reiterate that the long course is not to be walked because of time restraints of all competitors.  Any competitor wanting to walk the event, they should enter the short course.

This is a great spectator course for husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or any other friend to come along and watch.